Kazivu (2007)

Centralised video bookmarks repository where people could create video channels and share them without having to worry about each video service idiosyncrasies.


In 2007 online web video and Web 2.0 were the buzz-words of the moment. Lots of different video providers allowed people to upload and share their videos, but the experience was fragmented.

Terra LATAM (Latin-America) was looking to improve its web 2.0 presence and asked Telefónica I+D (R&D) to create a “video bookmarking” service where people could create personal channels, gathering videos from any provider on the Internet. Videos could then be tagged and shared from the site, with no need to keep track of tenths of different providers and their different interfaces.

several mock-up images of Kazivu showing channel creation flow
Kazivu would allow people collecting, tagging, searching and sharing all Internet videos from just one site

The service was called Kazivu, and it was meant to be a “social video bookmarking” service, like a Delicious for videos, emphasizing the idea of particular users as collectors of interesting videos around the web. Also Kazivu would become the unified search engine for videos across different providers.

My work

Terra LATAM had a very clear idea of what they wanted, so I acted as Information Architect, creating the site structure and then defining the layout of the main pages.

hand-drawn sitemap for Kazivu
Hand-drawn sitemap for Kazivu

Hand-drawn wireframes were created for the main pages. These were turned into visual mock-ups by Visual Design team.

hand-drawn wireframe of Kazivu's user profile
Wireframe for Kazivu’s user profile. The main left area was intended for other user’s updates (heavily influenced by Facebook’s newsfeed)
mock-up of Kazivu's user profile
Visual Design team created mock-ups based on the wireframes (this mock-up was created by Sergi Vila)
hand-drawn wireframe of Kazivu's channel page
Wireframe for Kazivu’s channel page. These wireframes with few annotations were circulated along text documents with further information
mock-up of Kazivu's channel page
Mock-up of Kazivu’s channel page (created by Sergi Vila)

Heuristic reviews were performed on the visual mock-ups. Results were circulated with proper review documents, together with annotated screen captures for emphasis on quick feedback.

annotated screen capture of Kazivu's channel page mockup
After conducting heuristic reviews on the mock-ups requested changes were illustrated with annotated screen captures

After this quick idea-to-website-definition process, Terra team took the design leadership.

What I got

  • Information Architecture experience, turning a concrete idea to a full website definition through sitemap and wireframes.
  • Working in a limited environment where customer had a clear idea of what he wanted and allowed few deviations.