Looking for new challenges

Yup, I am finally ready for a step forward in my career and I am looking for a Senior UX job in London, which I consider the most advanced UX market in Europe. So, if you know of a position that might be suitable, please contact me.

Need more info about me? Check out some projects I worked on until 2011 and my LinkedIn profile. I have a portfolio update (2012-2015) available upon request.


These last years I have been working at Infojobs, Spain’s leading job board (part of the huge online classified’s group Schibsted). I’ve been focusing on mobile, both native and responsive web design, and I led the design of the succesful InfoJobs Android App. If you’re looking for somebody with good mobile/multiplatform chops I may be who you are looking for.


I think that the other word that summarises my last years would be focus. I’ve been focusing on outcomes, on learning, on creating shared understanding, on designing how things work based on quick & cheap research and then iterating… I’ve probably been influenced by Lean, a methodology I really stand for.

My personal motto these last years has been: Am I working on the most important task, the one that is most critical, the one that offers the best return? If I am not, I am wasting resources and have to focus on it.

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