Getting ready for UX Spain!

Yes, I owe myself a couple articles on whether designers should be able to code (not exactly earth-shattering) and air crashes and their UX implications (hopefully this one will be more original 8-) ), but they will have to wait: this upcoming weekend I am attending the first edition of UX Spain, which will be a nation-wide meeting for UX professionals in Spain.

I have been thinking about trying to create some kind of small scale meeting for UX professionals here in Barcelona for some time; there are quite some UX people around, and I think we should have some hardcore UX community event of sorts, more focused on spreading knowledge and thoughtful discussions (yep, I am jealous of the fantastic-looking UK and USA ones that I am hearing about on the Internet)than the usual “I-am-looking-for-work-and-networking” teaser-like meetings. I am hoping I will meet some like-minded people at UX Spain and maybe we could finally kick-start my idea?

Anyway, If you are attending UX Spain and would like to talk about UX and its fascinating implications feel free to contact me! just say “Hi!” and I’ll be glad to share stories and thoughts. If you’re just into mindlessly adding some more contacts to your LinkedIn account, I might not be THAT interested.

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